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Posted on August 31, 2016 at 12:25 AM

What is the most difficult and most important part of any essay? The answer is obvious: the introduction. Reading this very part, a person (and an examiner!) will decide on whether they will want to continue with it or will stop immediately and put your essay aside. You can also demonstrate your logic, vocabulary and ability to be relevant in the introduction. The question is, how to do it more efficiently and make your reader interested and excited from the beginning.

There are several ways of attracting attention and expressing yourself in the best possible manner.

To start with, you should be short: it is not recommended to exceed a 40-word limit, or 2-3 sentences, writing your introduction.  Do not try to present all your ideas at once. Otherwise, what are you going to write further, in the body, if you mention everything in the introduction? 

Be relevant. Do not try to impress your examiner providing various data or using meaningless expressions and repetitions in order to fill the space, which is usually called 'waffling'. It is much better to keep to the topic and write less than write a lot about nothing and off-topic. 

There are some other hints and tips how to write a perfect introduction, and I will be happy to help you with it during our classes. 

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