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Sample Essay 1 - band 8.0

Posted on September 26, 2016 at 4:15 PM



TR – 9.0

CC- 8.5

LR – 7.5

GRA – 7.0


TASK: Nowadays, education overseas has become more accessible and growing numbers of people send their offspring to study in other countries. What can be advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad?

by Ekaterina Besedina

There is no doubt that education obtained in other countries has not only benefits but also some negative aspects to be mentioned, which will be presented in this essay and a conclusion will be made based on these facts.

To start with, there is a range of colleges and universities in different parts of the world which can offer an incomparably high level of education. For example, educational institutions meeting exquisite standards can be found in Europe, North America and several Eastern countries such as Japan and Singapore, which can be proud of their long experience, the best teachers and the richest base of knowledge. (Take Princeton University: it was founded in the eighteenth century and holds a prominent position in the world education system.) * Every student, who can have an opportunity to enter such an institution, will be able to benefit from studying there and obtaining exclusively high quality of education.

Furthermore, graduates of foreign universities usually have more opportunities and better career perspectives than alumni of local institutions. There is a considerable number of employers who strongly believe that international degrees obtained abroad are more valuable than those acquired in their native countries. For instance, having graduated from universities in Europe and the USA, many Indian and African students return to their home countries and receive excellent job offers with high salary rates.

On the other hand, expensive accommodation and cost of living can make education in foreign countries less attractive. Most international students, apart from buying food, are forced to rent apartments, purchase textbooks, having, as a rule, no chance of working full-time and earning enough money for all their needs; and not every family can support their children with money on a regular basis.

To conclude, tertiary education overseas offers more benefits than drawbacks. Therefore, it is a good idea for individuals to use an opportunity to study abroad providing that it arises.




* Can be extracted


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