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Sample Essay (General), Opinion - Overall Band 7.5-8.0

Some people think women should be allowed to join the army, the navy and the air force as men are.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

by Maria Berko

Some arguments can be made in order to support the idea that females should be recruited by the military forces, yet it seems to be unreasonable as will be proven in this essay.

To begin with, much as contemporary public generally try to achieve gender equality, the maternity is still considered to be the main women's mission. Consequently, it is not recommendable to increase the number of military females because they would not be able to spend enough time performing an active role of a mother and a wife. Nowadays, birth statistics demonstrate that it is quite inefficient to deprive women of these opportunities as it leads to a significant decrease in the birth rate.

In addition, serving in military forces could generate different health problems in women. Scientists believe that males tend to have stronger vitality and body stamina than female individuals. Therefore, excessive physical exercise during military service could damage fragile women's nature. Moreover, discussing this topic, the society and the government should specifically focus on single young women as service in the army can result in a number of health disorders preventing them from giving birth to children.

Finally, performing military duties, females could encounter destructive and aggressive environment, which may cause mental health issues. A case in point is warfare, where soldiers would deal with death, human pain and suffering. As a result, sensitive women's brain can be negatively affected by psychical illness due to its susceptibility.

To sum up, considering the arguments mentioned above, it can be claimed that supplying the army with female recruits can harmfully influence psychical health and wellness of future mothers, and therefore, it is not recommended.

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Punctuation in English: Tricky Things

For native speakers of some languages, the most challenging aspect of English is how to use commas correctly. Here, you will learn about the most specific cases.

1. Do not use a comma before that in the Defining Relative clause.

e.g.: I know the author that has written this wonderful book.

2. Never use a comma in the middle of a complex sentence, before subordinate clauses of time/condition/cause/etc. (it means that you should not use a comma before , as, since, if, unless, as soon as, once, while, before, after, etc.)

e.g.: It was permitted because it improved the results.

         I will tell him when he comes home.

         Please contact me if you have any questions.

*However, if you start your sentence with a subordinate clause of time, condition or reason/cause (which means that you will start it with the conjunctions mentioned above), use a comma after it and before the main clause. To make it easier, let us just reverse the examples above:

e.g. When he comes home, I will tell him.

         If you have any questions, please contact me.

3. When you use adverbials of manner, time, place, addition and contrast at the beginning of a sentence, separate them with a comma.

e.g. Yesterday, they presented the plan.

       All of a sudden, somebody opened the door.

      Moreover, her first attempt failed.

      Quickly, they finalised their project.

      Nevertheless, the measures were taken last year in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

(to be continued)

Sample Essay, Solution - Band: 7.0-7.5

With the development of social media, youngsters are being allowed unsupervised access to the internet to chat online, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations. What solutions can be suggested to deal with this problem?

Ideas by Vlad Topa

There is currently an alarming issue of an increasing number of dangers that teenagers can encounter while communicating on the Internet without any supervision. This essay will offer several measures to be taken in order to solve the problem.

First of all, parents should explain to children how dangerous internet communication can be and how to avoid these risks. Owing to such guidance, youngsters will be able to stay safe while talking online and will be aware of potential hazards and the ways of responding to suspicious strangers. Moreover, teenagers should be instructed to share all possible concerns that may arise during their internet experience with their parents or guardians as young people frequently cannot recognise the threats themselves.

What is more, adults are recommended to use special software developed to protect offspring and to restrict their access to potentially dangerous social media websites or at least their most threatening components. By special software, a number of computer programs are meant, which have been made in order to protect personal data, to limit time spent on the Internet and to block the links that are not completely trustworthy. For example, Facebook has successfully implemented and is applying such applications so that the users could feel more secure.

Finally, the government along with internet providers can also participate in defending the youth from the Wide World Web dangers. Not only supervision over the most popular internet platforms but also tracking online activities of suspicious users can be advantageous for young people and provide them with a necessary level of security and confidence while chatting online.

To summarise, the measures mentioned above should be taken by both parents and the authorities so as to minimise the dangers and threats which children can encounter while chatting on the Internet.

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Sample Essay (Academic), Mixed Type, Overall Band: 7.5

Rates of youth crime are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world. What have caused this, and which solutions can be suggested to overcome the problem?

by Andrey Gorbunov

There is no doubt that many megalopolises are facing a rise in criminal activity among young people. This essay will describe some factors that have created the issue and will present several approaches to efficiently deal with it.

Beginning with causes, a constantly increasing level of poverty and parental attention deficiency might be considered as the main contributors to the problem. A highly stratified urban society with the noticeable shift towards low-income population forces the lower class to commit illegal actions such as robbery or larceny. Furthermore, the necessity to maintain reasonable income compels spending more time on work from parents, hence creating a sense of attention deficit in their children and provoking an aberrant behaviour.

The first possible solution to consider includes arranging social activities engaging young people to help a community. For example, youth events such as alternative sports games or local music festivals can entertain younger population; moreover, collecting reasonable fees from such events can build a budget for important community projects. As a part of this initiative, supporting volunteers’ motion and attracting new recruits from youngsters can help to reduce the number of crimes.

There is an alternative approach to consider: stricter punishment for committed crime might prevent young people from any illegal activities. To illustrate, an increasing number of juvenile delinquents in cities of the Russian Federation stimulates the government to decrease the age of possible imprisonment from 18 to 14 years old.

In conclusion, considering all possible factors leading to the problem, synergic efforts of the government and the community can be recommended to achieve a positive outcome. 

Sample Essay (Academic) - Overall Band 8.0

In many developing countries, there is a problem with declining quality of air and water from both industry and construction. What measures could be taken to prevent this?

by Andrey Gorbunov

There is no doubt that industrial and building companies cause air and water quality deterioration in some African, Asian or Latin American countries. Several suggestions to efficiently deal with the issue can be offered, which will be presented in the essay.

First of all, monitoring of environmental standards should be led by the government. Uncontrolled release of combustion products and waste water contribute most to environmental aggravation. In order to encourage companies to reduce pollution and start looking for more efficient waste management substantial penalties need to be created. For instance, the majority of European manufacturers prefer to invest into ‘green technology’ such as processed water and air purification instead of paying significant environmental fees.

The restraining measures described above can be compensated by the governmental support of environmental friendly initiatives. For example, a waste processing plant in Oslo, Norway is a property of private company; nevertheless, it receives significant contribution from the city budget. The government’s financial and legal indulgences motivate companies to implement ‘clean technology’, thereby promoting improvements in the quality of water and air.

Finally, much as adopting developed countries environmental policies may seem difficult for ecologically troublesome regions, it can open access to new technologies and investments. Updated rules supported by financial inflow will force polluting productions to use purification technologies so that they could correspond to higher standards.

In conclusion, there are several ways available to improve the quality of air and water; however, every possible solution requires active government’s actions.

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Sample Essay (General), Solution - Overall Band 8.0

Developed countries have created many environmental problems in the World, particularly in their contribution to global warming. What can be done to reduce the dangers of global warming?

by Olga Barabanshchikova (obtained 7.5 in Writing - IELTS General)

Discovering a solution to the problem of greenhouse effect is currently vital. This essay will suggest several ways to deal with it.

In order to prevent global warming, it is crucial to reduce fossil fuel burning for producing electricity necessary to heat and light households. Nowadays, developed countries such as China and India receive the most significant part of their energy from burning charcoal and natural gas releasing enormous amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. There are several alternatives to hydrocarbons; the most effective ones are renewable energy and nuclear power. Clean energy, for instance solar and wind as well as nuclear, is commonly used in many countries and it has become a reliable source of electricity.

The second method to diminish greenhouse effect is to limit oil usage. Oil is mainly used as fuel for cars and other vehicles. The preferable way to avoid CO2 emission in this case is to increase number of electric cars. There are several car manufacturers which produce fast and eco-friendly electric and hybrid automobiles, which can become more affordable soon. Other than cars, there are also solar powered aircrafts, one of which has recently finished its flight around the globe. Such type of technology should be supported and developed in order to provide the mankind with clean means of transportation.

Penultimately, recycling is a key solution to the global warming crisis. A number of countries do not recycle their waste; instead it is being stored and burnt releasing carbon dioxide into the air. Recycling will reduce the emission; in addition, using garbage as biofuel can become an alternative source of energy.

To sum up, the problem of global warming should not be underestimated as it may have devastating consequences in the foreseeable future, and therefore, it should be dealt with urgently.

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Sample Essay, Cause & Solution - Overall Band: 7.5-8.0

Adults do not often continue physical activities which they used to do as children. What are possible causes of the trend, and how could this situation be reversed?

by Alena Makagon (IELTS Writing 7.0, March 2017)

It is undoubtful that numerous mature people stop doing exercise which they used to do in their childhood. This essay will describe some factors responsible for the problemб and then will suggest several measures to be taken in order to find an appropriate way out.

The driving causes behind this issue are the following: adults struggle to find their perfect life-work balance and they are not motivated by educators to do sports any more as they were at schools. Nowadays, a large number of those who are employed work extra hours so as to perform better in their careers. As a result, they do not have enough spare time not only to do physical exercise but also to have their private life. Moreover, studying at educational institutions, children and youngsters are usually encouraged to do sports by tutors as well as the whole atmosphere of school. On the contrary, adults make their own decisions about diet, sports and life style in general, which can have an adverse effect on their health.

One way to avoid negative consequences is to strictly limit the amount of working hours. Hardly ever can many employees finish their work day on time if they have an approaching due date of their projects. Therefore, providing workers are not permitted to perform their duties more than their job contracts state, they will have more free time to spend on sports and self-development.

Another way to tackle this issue is to provide company staff with sport facilities in their offices. These services should be free of charge and some specific time should be allocated to physical activities. As a result, it will be more convenient for employees to attend sport trainings, and they will be motivated by their co-workers to exercise on a regular basis.

To summarise, restriction of working hours and introduction of sport facilities at work places will be beneficial for adults and may possibly encourage continuous physical exercising.

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Sample Essay, Advantage/ Disadvantage - Overall Band: 7.0-7.5

Nowadays, education overseas has become more accessible and growing numbers of people send their offspring to study in other countries. What can be advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad?

by Ruzanna S. (obtained Overall Score 8.0 in IELTS General with 7.0 in Writing, December, 2017)

It is true that obtaining degrees or diplomas in foreign countries has its benefits and drawbacks, which will be discussed in this essay and a conclusion on whether this tendency is advantageous or negative w​ill be made.

From the one point of view, studying abroad is beneficial experience because it broadens career opportunities. A possibility to pursue education in any country that one wishes gives an opportunity to choose the best educational institution in a specific discipline, to obtain the most recognizable degrees which will be competitive at job markets. In addition, while studying and living out of a home country, a student can make many acquaintances who can possibly help them to find a more decent and desirable job in the future.

Moreover, studying in a different country leads to a personal development. Moving from one place to another can be stressful. People face many problems such as a language barrier, lack of communication with family and friends, so they can become anxious. Struggling in order to overcome these challenges influences personality in a positive way, increases personal strength and independence. For instance, conquering the fear of speaking in a foreign language, one not only develops language skills but also becomes a more confident and stronger individual.

On the other hand, living distantly from one’s native environment can be stressful. In some cases, missing family and friends can play a crucial role in failing to adapt to a country that a student moved to. Some people can not become used to any culture, people and language, which can lead to psychological issues and affect negatively their academic achievements.

In conclusion, although there are some negative points of studying abroad, on the whole the trend is rewarding.

Sample Essay, Solution - Overall Band: 7.5

More and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list. What can be done to solve this problem?

by Ruzanna S. (obtained Overall Score 8.0 in IELTS General with 7.0 in Writing, December, 2017)

It is true that the Earth is experiencing disappearance of many species of animals nowadays. Various measures can be taken to improve the situation, which will be suggested in this essay.

To start with, more natural conservation areas should be established. Protected areas help to avoid destruction of wildlife and animals’ habitats. They are also a way to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, which is essential in order to help the survival of not only animals but also humans. For instance, If any species become extinct in rain forests, the food chain will be disrupted affecting all the rest, which can lead to the deterioration of the ecological situation.

Moreover, captive breeding of threatened species is a useful tool to prevent biodiversity losses. Both zoos and conservation facilities can keep animals which are on the brink of extinction in captivity and save their genetic material from total elimination. The reintroduction of some species back into a wild environment should be an ultimate goal of captive breeding programs.

Finally, steps towards preventing illegal wildlife trade should be taken in order to save some species from extinction. For instance, the rate of poaching for elephants’ ivory and rhinoceros’ horns has been dramatic during the last two decades. Nevertheless, this problem can be tackled. Take two of the largest ivory markets, China and the USA, which have completely banned elephant ivory selling in their countries. In fact, working together, conservation organizations and governments can address above-mentioned problems more efficiently.

In conclusion, the three measures presented in the essay taken together can help to protect the current biodiversity on the Earth.

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Sample Essay, Opinion - Overall Band: 7.0-7.5

Some people think women should be allowed to join the army, the navy and the air force as men are.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

by Ruzanna S. (obtained Overall Score 8.0 in IELTS General with 7.0 in Writing, December, 2017)

Some argue that only men should serve in the armed forces, while the others hold that females have equal rights with men to choose a military career. Agreeing with the latter view, this opinion will be supported in the essay.

To start with, the main aim of the armed forces is to hire capable individuals regardless their gender. Women who go to the army know the standards. They have to meet not only the fitness requirements but also specific military position needs. Females have proven their courage, ability and endurance under the most challenging conditions including combat situations. For example, during the Second World War the Soviet Union had over one million female soldiers who served effectively as snipers, machine gunners and tank crew members.

Moreover, it is possible to hire women to perform some duties in the army which do not require special physical abilities. Many females enter combat units in support roles such as intelligence gatherers, instructors, social workers, medical personnel and engineers. In fact, soldier’s abilities to maintain composure, apply logic, communicate clearly and solve problems in demanding environment are as important as physical ones.

Finally, owing to some personality traits of women, they can keep balance while crucial decisions are being made. Having diverse teams with different ideas and approaches to problem solving is important for being successful in military operations. When men and women cooperate in the army, issues are being worked on in a more peaceful and constructive manner.

In conclusion, it may be claimed that women should be permitted to serve in the military forces if they express the interest in it.

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